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Courchevel Destination : luxury and prestige

If it exsists, a hibernal destination where luxury goes into winter-quarters, so it is the grandious ski resort Courchevel.

It is an unavoidable randez-vous of high-clientele and international jet set.Each year Courchevel receipts the most luxurious customers and offers them unsurpassed individual adaptedservices during whole holiday’s period.

As regards accomodation at the first place Courchevel offers plenful luxury chalets designed by the most famous contemporary architects, that offers the high-end services like pool, hammam, jacuzzi, stuff (chef, butler, baby-sitter…) for give an entire satisfaction to the ambitious international clientele. In term s of hotel industry it possess 2 Palaces, 14 hotels 5 Stars and 8 hotels 4 Stars.

No wonder that Courchevel became so prestige. It just due to the nombrous rendez-vous of oligarchs, emirs and other zellionaires that are able to spend as much money ot one evening as a whole middle class family in one year.

For satisfied their needs, the luxury ski resort  is accesible for all first quality restaurants run by the best chefs, ski schools with the best reputation accustomed to develop an individual program, an « après ski », a grandious night life  and a total care of families.

In addition to all this opportunities you can also mention an amazing shopping offer. All famous brands propose the visitors only the best products.

Today Courchavel is a « must destination » of bussines and luxury tourism.

If there is a winter destination where luxury took its quarters, it is definitly Courchevel ski resort.

An unavoidable meeting point for the hip clientèle and the international jet set, Courchevel welcomes every year a high end clientèle where an unequaled adapted service is offered.

On the accommodation side, Courchevel is packed with luxurious chalets designed by the renowned architects offering luxurious services from Inside heated swimming pool, hammam, jacuzzi, staff (chef, butler, housekepper…) in order to satisfy every need of a demanding international clientèle. Regarding the hotel choice : there are no less than 02 palaces, 14 hotels rated 5 star and 8 hotels rated 4 star.

This is not surprising that Courchevel has become in a few years the meeting point of all the oligarchy, emirats and nabab able to spend in an evening what an average family spends in a year.

The ski slopes are of a top quality, accessible to all where restaurants held by renowned chefs are numerous, ski clubs are used to create tailor made courses and an after ski with a busy night life within easy reach, a service for famillies is also available.

On the top of it, Courchevel is as well a shopping destination where all the store brand have their boutique.

Courchevel is nowadays the must in terms of luxury tourism.